Much of the imagery in Indian mythology is represented through some of the awe- inspiring creatures that share this planet with us.
It is therefore impossible not to connect the facial expression of the Indian
Goddess Kali ( the ferocious form of the Divine Mother ) with a tiger’s flehman display.

The tiger’s Flehmen display is response when investigating sites of particular interest – by odor and taste. This response is characterized by curling back its top lip exposing the front teeth and gum, then inhaling and holding the posture for several seconds. The flehmen response often gives the appearance that the animal is “grimacing”, “smirking” or “laughing”.
The main function of Flehmen is to transfer air containing pheromones and other scents to a chemosensory organ located between the roof of the mouth and the palate.
This provides chemical cues which tigers use in a variety of ways. Availability of single females, of other tigers in the area, known or unknown, friends, foes, where mom has gone, where the kids might be etc.


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